Let the Product Speak for Itself



All garments are subjected to be below tests

  • Fabric dimensional stability test
  • Fabric spirality test
  • Garment laundry test
  • Other tests for special garments if necessary




  • Fabrics are made with special enzyme coats for superior finish and feel
  • Garments are manufactures using very high tensile 3-ply stitching yarns for more durability of the seams
  • Special neck linings and accessories are used to make the garment more premium and comfortable
  • Eco-Friendly Organic (OEKO TEX & GOTS Approved) printing inks are used




  • Pre-cut fabric inspection for eliminating fabric irregularities
  • Print quality inspection for color and Wash fastness
  • Print placement inspection in Millimeters
  • Matching and inspecting the right product with the right order twice once at the start of the production and before dispatch
  • Random inspections by factory mangers on a daily basis